• Imax S1+ Electric Scooter

      $ 1,499.00
    • Magnum Classic – Low Step

      $ 1,499.00
    • Magnum Mi5

      Magnum Mi5

      $ 1,699.00
    • Magnum Ui5

      $ 1,699.00
    • Magnum Ui6

      $ 1,949.00

    Feel the Power

    As one of the longest standing e-bike brands, Magnum Bikes is a champion of innovation & design. By seamlessly blending comfort and technology, we provide an unparalleled riding experience.
    At Magnum we stand behind the quality of our product, and guarantee service to our customers. Together, we are re-imagining transportation and paving the way into a green, sustainable future.

    Are you ready to join the e-bike revolution?

    Magnum Bikes About Us

    Founded in 2010 Magnum bikes has been a leader in innovation and design of electric bicycles.

    We believe electric bicycles are changing the concept of travel providing a clean, efficient and exciting new mode of transportation that is affordable to all.

    Our innovation, design and focus on quality allows us to produce stunning high level electric bicycles that lead the ebike market internationally.

    Our knowledge and control of the manufacturing process allows us to provide you with the maximum product at the minimum price.

    Our philosophy is always to put our customer and product first. We stand behind our product 100% and design all of our bikes to be user friendly and easy to service. We work with top brand name bicycle components including Schwalbe, Tektro, Promax, Hesling, 8Fun, Samsung, Selle Royal, Shimano, RST, Wellgo and more.

    Join us today in the revolution of green clean efficient transportation in style.

    • Magnum Brand

      Magnum stands for pushing the limits and setting the bar higher. At Magnum Bikes we believe in our brand and stand behind our product. Magnum produces the greatest electric bikes at the highest level of quality with the ultimate design and comfort.

    • Technology and Production

      Magnum Bikes works closely with manufacturers in both China and Europe. Our main partner for production and Quality Control is BB-Leisger International, located in Hannover, Germany. Together we maintain the highest level of quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.

      Unlike some of our competitors many of our components are created by us from scratch. We conceptualize and create our own molds and circuit boards that best suit our products. We are involved in every step of the manufacturing process from the battery cells to the wheel building to the final assembly line.


    • 10" Inner Tube - for the Imax S1 (1 Pc)

      Imax S1 – Inner Tube

      $ 15.99
    • Imax T3 - Inner Tube

      Imax T3 – Inner Tube

      $ 15.99
    • Brake Pads – Imax S1+

      $ 19.99
    • Brake Pads – Imax T3

      $ 19.99
    • Imax S1 - Kickstand

      Imax S1 – Kickstand

      $ 29.99
    • Imax T3 - Tire

      Imax T3 – Tire

      $ 39.99