What are the differences between Magnum batteries?

Batteries are classified by voltage and amp hour. The voltage can be thought of as the size of an engine, this determines the power output. A 48V will be more powerful than a 36V.

The amp hour can be thought of as the size of a gas tank. The higher the number, the greater the range. A 17.5ah has a longer mile range than a 13ah battery.

*Safety note: Battery voltage should be compatible with the controller and charger you are using. For example, only use a 48V charger with a 48V battery. Using an incompatible charger or controller could damage your battery, bike, or even cause an electrical fire.

How long does it take re-charge my battery?

On average the recharge time for our batteries is approximately 6.5 hours.

What do the terms amps, watts and volts mean for my E-bike?

  1. Your e-bike has an electric system that is measured by volts and amps. The voltage is the amount of potential electricity your battery holds.
  2. The amps or current refers to the speed or rate of flow of electricity as it is being drawn from the battery. The higher the current the quicker the battery will be depleted. High current happens when riding with a heavy load, riding uphill, riding on bumpy and grass terrain etc.
  3. The watts is a measure of the output of power that your e-bike can provide. Watts are measured by multiplying the voltage by the current.

Example: A 350 watt system can put out up to about 600 watts at peak but will provide 350 watts of power when riding under normal conditions. The rated power of your e-bike will affect the speed and or torque depending on the configuration.

How do I extend the range of my Magnum Bike per charge?

  1. Your e-bike will consume much less battery when you begin riding by pedaling and not using the throttle. Stop and go riding with the throttle can limit the range of your e-bike.
  2. Always make sure your tires are inflated properly. Riding on low pressure tires will consume more energy.
  3. Always pedal up hills. Do not use throttle only when riding up hills.
  4. Use your mechanical gears correctly. When you are pedaling make sure to be in the correct gear. Lower your gears while going up hills and raise the gears on flat and downhill terrain.

How do I take care of my Magnum Bikes battery?

  1. Always pedal along with your e-bike, especially up hills so the battery is not depleted too quickly.
  2. Always keep your battery charged. Lithium batteries life cycle can be extended by not depleting your battery fully. Even if you have not depleted your battery entirely during your ride we suggest that you charge it.
  3. Do not overcharge your battery. Be sure not to leave your battery charging for more than 24 hours at a time.
  4. Keep out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  5. Store indoors.
  6. Keep out of the rain or snow.

How long will my Magnum Bikes battery last me?

You will typically get 800-1000 charge cycles out of your battery, as long as you are storing it appropriately. It is best to store indoors and out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

What is the cycle life of my battery?

All Magnum Electric Bikes come with a lithium battery. The Lithium-NCM battery has a life cycle of 700 cycles. Over time your battery capacity will diminish. This means that you can charge and discharge the battery completely 700 times at a discharge rate of 0.5C before the capacity depletes to 80% efficiency.