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What do the terms amps, watts and volts mean for my E-bike?

Your E-bike has an electric system that is measured by volts and amps. The voltage is the amount of potential electricity your battery holds. The amps or current refers to the speed or rate of flow of electricity as it is being drawn from the battery. The higher the current the quicker the battery will […]


How do I best preserve my Magnum Bikes battery life?

Always pedal along with your E-bike. While riding up hills especially you should be assisting your E-bike so the battery isn’t depleted too quickly. Always keep your battery charged. Lithium batteries life cycle can be extended by not depleting your battery fully. Even if you haven’t depleted your battery entirely during your ride we suggest […]


How many years will my Magnum Bikes battery last me?

The average rider can use a lithium battery for 2-3 years before feeling like it needs to be replaced. This depends on riding conditions, the weight of the rider, amount of use and discharge rate over time. Discharging your lithium battery quickly under high current will lower the battery capacity over time. The Magnum i6 […]


What is the cycle life of my battery?

All Magnum electric bikes come with a lithium battery. The Lithium-NCM battery have a life cycle of 700 cycles. Over time your battery capacity will diminish. This means that you can charge and discharge the battery completely 700 times at a discharge rate of 0.5C before the capacity depletes to 80% efficiency.