Look here for information on changing your display settings

How do I gain access to my C6, C7, and L7 display settings?

  1. Hold + and – for about 5 seconds
  2. You will see the screen change to 8888
  3. Using + or – to change numbers and set to toggle
  4. Change the code to 8088 “if that doesn’t work use 8306 or 8108”
  5. The first screen is P. Pedal assist top speed
  6. The second screen is throttle top speed.
  7. The third screen is the tire size
  8. The fourth screen is the odometer
  9. The fifth screen is the battery size
  10. The sixth screen is power level
  11. Hold set to exit back to the home screen (or + and – if it is the L7 display)


How do I change the settings from MPH to KMH or vice versa?

The trip distance indication on the display is always “KM”. This does not mean to say that the distance showing is in kilometers but rather to indicate to you when you’re viewing your trip distance. When your display is set to miles your trip distance reflects the miles traveled.

Can I see the trip distance in Miles or only in Kilometers?

Yes. Your trip distance will change in accordance with the denomination you set your display to show (Miles or Kilometers).
*Note: the Magnum Cosmopolitan only reads in kilometers and not miles.