What is the weight limit on a Magnum Bike?

Payload ~ 350lb

Navigator, Ranger, Summit, Navigator, Cruiser, Lowrider, Metro, Metro+, Peak, Pathfinder, Ui6,Ui6+, Mi6, Ui5, Mi5 ~ 265lbs

Premium II, Classic II, Premium, Classic ~ 242lbs

Cosmo ~ 220 lbs

What car rack is recommended to use with Magnum Bikes?

Our bikes are made to fit most standard car racks. E-bikes are heavier than regular pedal bikes, so we recommend a rack that is rated to hold at least 60lbs, more if you have more than one bike. We also recommend taking your battery out while transporting as that will be safer for the battery and will make the bike lighter by 7-10lbs. When looking for specific bike racks for your car, we recommend a tray style.
Kuat brand car racks work well with Magnum Bikes.

Can I get replacement keys for my battery?

If you lose your keys, we sell the entire lock mechanism with new keys. We do not keep stock of single keys for security reasons.

What is the correct tire pressure for my Electric Bike?

  1. Keeping your tire pressure correct at all times is important. Correct tire pressure will increase the efficiency of your E-bike and prevent from getting flat tires while riding.
  2. The correct PSI varies according to the tire of your E-bike. The maximum PSI can be found on the side of your tire.

Can I ride my Magnum E-Bike in the rain?

Your e-bike is water resistant and can be ridden in an average rainfall. We advise against riding in heavy rain and strongly advise against leaving your e-bike outside while it’s raining.

If I get a punctured tire must I go to an E-Bicycle specialist to have it fixed?

While we generally suggest that all maintenance on your E-bike is done by someone with ample experience, changing a flat is quite simple.

Magnum Bikes all come standard with a quick release plug to allow for easy access to the rear wheel. Anyone with basic bicycle technical experience can easily disconnect the motor cable change the flat and reconnect it.

NOTICE: When disconnecting and reconnecting the motor cable be sure that the power is turned off and the arrows on the cable on the motor are matched up.

How can I see the display while riding at night?

When riding at night please press the power button on the LCD display once to light the back light on the display.