Look here if you need to troubleshoot your E-Bicycle

How do I change a flat tire on the rear motor wheel of my Electric Bike?

  1. Turn the power of your battery off or remove the battery entirely from your E-bike
  2. Disconnect the motor cable quick connector
  3. Change the flat tire as you would a regular bike
  4. Reconnect the motor plug matching up the arrows on the cable connectors

What should I do if my E-Bike spokes are loose?

Being that the motor of your E-bike is built into the rear wheel, there is more stress applied to the spokes than on a regular bicycle.

This being the case it is important to check the strength of the spokes periodically. If there are any spokes found to be loose, please do not continue riding your E-bike before tightening the spokes.

Please note: Continuing to ride with spokes that are loose will eventually cause all of the spokes to loosen and break.

What do I do if the power of my E-bike cuts out?

  1. Check the battery voltage on the top of your battery
  2. Check all of your connections, specifically the connector to the LCD display
  3. Remove the battery, then insert it back into place
  4. Check if the system may be overloaded (riding up steep hill without assistance, heavy load)
  5. If the problem persists please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer

What if I feel that the range of my E-Bike is low?

  1. Check your charger. Please deplete the battery entirely and check the time it takes to complete the charge of your battery from 0-100%. The correct time should be 6.5 hours. If the charge time is less this indicates that the charger is not completing the charge
  2. After charging your battery completely ride it out. Ride the E-bike once and measure your total trip distance to see if the battery is functioning properly. Magnum Bikes service center will want to know the actual range of your battery
  3. If you are able, measure the battery voltage when fully charged. The voltage of your lithium battery should be 42V. If it is less than this there is a problem with either your battery or charger
  4. If the problem persists please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer

My E-Bike motor is making loud noises what should I do?

  1. Check the brakes to be sure they are adjusted properly and not the cause of the noise
  2. Ride the bicycle without power to be sure the noise is not originating from any of the other mechanical parts of your E-bike
  3. If the problem persists please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer