Where can I find my frame number?

The frame number is typically stamped into the head tube. In the rare event that it is not, there is also a sticker with a barcode on it. Beneath that barcode you will also find your frame number.
You can find a video here that demonstrates how to find it.

How do I fill out my warranty form?

You can fill out your warranty registration here.

You will need to locate the following serial numbers : Frame, battery, and motor

You will also need the purchasing information: Date of purchase, where you purchased, and invoice number.

*The video on the warranty page will also show you how to find your serial numbers.

What is included in my warranty?

Magnum guarantees the frame, motor, and electrical components are free of manufacturer defect for 1 year from purchase date. Please be sure to register your warranty on our website. Commercial or business use will void a bike’s warranty. The other components on our bikes are subject to the different manufacturers’ warranties. For example: Shimano, Schwalbe, and Tektro are commonly seen components on our bikes and a Magnum dealer can submit a warranty request to them on your behalf.