How do I best preserve my Magnum Bikes battery life?
  1. Always pedal along with your E-bike. While riding up hills especially you should be assisting your E-bike so the battery isn’t depleted too quickly.
  2. Always keep your battery charged. Lithium batteries life cycle can be extended by not depleting your battery fully. Even if you haven’t depleted your battery entirely during your ride we suggest that you charge it.
  3. Do not overcharge your battery. Be sure not to leave your battery charging for more than 24 hours at a time.
How do I extend the range of my Magnum Bikes E-Bike per charge?
  1. Your E-bike will consume much less battery when you begin riding by pedaling and not using the throttle. Stop and go riding with the throttle can limit the range of your E-bike.
  2. Always make sure your tires are inflated properly. Riding on low pressure tires will consume more energy.
  3. Always pedal up hills. Do not use throttle only when riding up hills.
  4. Use your mechanical gears correctly. When you are pedaling make sure to be in the correct gear. Lower your gears while going up hills and raise the gears on flat and downhill terrain.
How long does it take to re-charge the batteries?

On average the recharge time for our batteries is about 6.5 hours.

How many years will my Magnum Bikes battery last me?

The average rider can use a lithium battery for 2-3 years before feeling like it needs to be replaced. This depends on riding conditions, the weight of the rider, amount of use and discharge rate over time. Discharging your lithium battery quickly under high current will lower the battery capacity over time.

The Magnum i6 Battery can be charged up to 1000 charge cycles. If you fully charge your battery every day you will likely only get 2 years out of it. If you don’t charge your battery every day you will get a longer life out of it.

What do the terms amps, watts and volts mean for my E-bike?
  1. Your E-bike has an electric system that is measured by volts and amps. The voltage is the amount of potential electricity your battery holds.
  2. The amps or current refers to the speed or rate of flow of electricity as it is being drawn from the battery. The higher the current the quicker the battery will be depleted. High current happens when riding with a heavy load, riding uphill, riding on bumpy and grass terrain etc.
  3. The watts is a measure of the output of power that your E-bike can provide. Watts are measured by multiplying the voltage by the current.

Example: A 350 watt system can put out up to about 600 watts at peak but will provide 350 watts of power when riding under normal conditions. The rated power of your E-bike will affect the speed and or torque depending on the configuration.

What is the cycle life of my battery?

All Magnum Electric Bikes come with a lithium battery. The Lithium-NCM battery has a life cycle of 700 cycles. Over time your battery capacity will diminish. This means that you can charge and discharge the battery completely 700 times at a discharge rate of 0.5C before the capacity depletes to 80% efficiency.


Changing Display Settings

Look here for information on changing your display settings

Can I see the trip distance in Miles or only in Kilometers?

Yes. Your trip distance will change in accordance with the denomination you set your display to show (Miles or Kilometers).

How do I change the settings from MPH to KMH or vice versa?

The trip distance indication on the display is always “KM”. This does not mean to say that the distance showing is in kilometers but rather to indicate to you when you’re viewing your trip distance. When your display is set to miles your trip distance reflects the miles traveled.



Can I get replacement keys for my battery?

We do not keep extra keys for security reasons. If you lose your keys you will need to replace the whole lock mechanism.

Can I ride my Magnum E-Bike in the rain?

Your E-bike is water resistant and can be ridden in an average rainfall. We advise against riding in heavy rain and strongly advise against leaving your E-bike outside while it’s raining.

Does the motor work with the mechanical gears of the Electric Bike?

Your Magnum E-bike comes with a rear hub geared motor. The motor has its own internal planetary gear transmission. The mechanical gears on your E-bike are externally attached to the motor wheel and allow you to pedal thereby assisting your E-bike. Using the correct mechanical gears is important since when pedaling the motor is assisted and will work quicker and more powerfully.

How can I see the display while riding at night?

When riding at night please press the power button on the LCD display once to light the back light on the display.

If I get a punctured tire must I go to an E-Bicycle specialist to have it fixed?

While we generally suggest that all maintenance on your E-bike is done by someone with ample experience, changing a flat is quite simple.

Magnum Bikes all come standard with a quick release plug to allow for easy access to the rear wheel. Anyone with basic bicycle technical experience can easily disconnect the motor cable change the flat and reconnect it.

NOTICE: When disconnecting and reconnecting the motor cable be sure that the power is turned off and the arrows on the cable on the motor are matched up.

What bike trailer do you recommend using with Magnum Bikes?

Burley brand bike trailers work well.

What car rack is recommended to use with Magnum Bikes?

Kuat brand car racks work well with Magnum Bikes.

What is the correct tire pressure for my Electric Bike?
  1. Keeping your tire pressure correct at all times is important. Correct tire pressure will increase the efficiency of your E-bike and prevent from getting flat tires while riding.
  2. The correct PSI varies according to the tire of your E-bike. The maximum PSI can be found on the side of your tire.
What is the top speed of my E-Bike?

The maximum speed by throttle only is mandated by federal law at 20 MPH.

While riding on your E-bike you can pedal to reach higher speeds. The maximum speed will depend on the riding conditions as well as your participation.


Troubleshooting Your E-Bicycle

Look here if you need to troubleshoot your E-Bicycle

How do I change a flat tire on the rear motor wheel of my Electric Bike?
  1. Turn the power of your battery off or remove the battery entirely from your E-bike
  2. Disconnect the motor cable quick connector
  3. Change the flat tire as you would a regular bike
  4. Reconnect the motor plug matching up the arrows on the cable connectors
My E-Bike motor is making loud noises what should I do?
  1. Check the brakes to be sure they are adjusted properly and not the cause of the noise
  2. Ride the bicycle without power to be sure the noise is not originating from any of the other mechanical parts of your E-bike
  3. If the problem persists please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer
What do I do if the power of my E-bike cuts out?
  1. Check the battery voltage on the top of your battery
  2. Check all of your connections, specifically the connector to the LCD display
  3. Remove the battery, then insert it back into place
  4. Check if the system may be overloaded (riding up steep hill without assistance, heavy load)
  5. If the problem persists please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer
What if I feel that the range of my E-Bike is low?
  1. Check your charger. Please deplete the battery entirely and check the time it takes to complete the charge of your battery from 0-100%. The correct time should be 6.5 hours. If the charge time is less this indicates that the charger is not completing the charge
  2. After charging your battery completely ride it out. Ride the E-bike once and measure your total trip distance to see if the battery is functioning properly. Magnum Bikes service center will want to know the actual range of your battery
  3. If you are able, measure the battery voltage when fully charged. The voltage of your lithium battery should be 42V. If it is less than this there is a problem with either your battery or charger
  4. If the problem persists please see your licensed Magnum Bikes dealer
What should I do if my E-Bike spokes are loose?

Being that the motor of your E-bike is built into the rear wheel, there is more stress applied to the spokes than on a regular bicycle.

This being the case it is important to check the strength of the spokes periodically. If there are any spokes found to be loose, please do not continue riding your E-bike before tightening the spokes.

Please note: Continuing to ride with spokes that are loose will eventually cause all of the spokes to loosen and break.